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In 1998, entrepreneur Jack Penrod introduced the world to Nikki Beach, the first and original luxury beach club concept.

Nikki Beach can now be experienced in 14 different locations including the brand’s flagship location Miami Beach

Our Resorts

The atmosphere is stylish, yet relaxed and effortless.

Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts prides itself on providing guests with an unrivalled and distinctive luxury lifestyle experience. The properties feature cutting-edge architecture, contemporary dining, indulgent Nikki Spa services and signature beach and nightclub entertainment, creating an enhanced Nikki Beach experience. We currently operate from 4 exclusive locations including Dubai, Porto Heli, Bodrum and Koh Samui with more global hotspots coming soon.

Stay in Style

One of our stand out villa properties located at Nikki Beach Bodrum, Turkey.

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Our Events

Let Us Entertain You!

Across the world, Nikki Beach is having fun with top entertainment and creative events. From Marbella to Dubai, you’ll find Nikki Beach’s signature events in effect, wowing the guests with a combination of great music, unique entertainment and elevated décor.

Celebrating 20 Years Of Nikki Beach

Our touring party is heading to Nikki Beach Monte Carlo on June 22. Enjoy a spectacular afternoon with Nikki Beach's signature music, dining, entertainment, cocktails and special surprises. #ForeverYoung

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Summer State of Mind

Explore our Gallery and see the Nikki Beach Experience

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La Dolce Vita!
Friday, June 28, 2019
Nikki Beach Costa Smeralda Reopens For Summer
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